Valley Public School testimonials

Ms. Bharosha Thapa - SLC 2014 Batch

I consider myself lucky to have been at Valley Public for my schooling because I got a great privilege of enjoying a wide range of academic and non-academic programs, competent teachers and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Today in my higher studies, I am enjoying the benefits of the solid academic base I formed at Valley Public.

Valley Public School testimonials

Mr. Sushant Adhikari - SLC 2014 Batch

I owe the credit of my immense success in Computer Science to Valley Public and its teachers in the department. Their tremendous support in helping me tap into my potential through constant encouragement and support is simply overwhelming. I think it is the individual care the school provides to its pupils that Valley Public should be best known for.

Ms. Sonu Basnet - MBBS Student

I am very grateful to Valley Public School family for providing me with quality education, social and interpersonal skills. This opened the door for me to explore the world and understand the people in it.

Currently I am doing MBBS at Kathmandu University School of Medical Science. I have been able to achieve all this because of the support, individual care and guidance from this school and respected teachers. So, I would heartily thank all the teachers, seniors and the entire school family for playing such an important role in my life.

Valley Public School testimonials

Ms. Chhusang Sherpa - XII, Science

A college at an ideal distance from my home, Valley Public has saved my time and energy for study and helped me achieve excellent results through a competent team of faculty and effective management.

Ms. Laxmi Shiwakoti - XII, Science

My subject demands me extra-long hours of study and preparation, but that is not a problem anymore because Valley Public Hostel has provided me everything I need for my academic and personal needs.

Valley Public School testimonials

Lt Col (Ret'd) Roger M Brumhill MBE - Guardian, United Kingdom

I elected to move my ward to Valley Public at the commencement of grade 7 when I became aware of the school's core values of academic excellence, discipline and respect for others. Over the past year it has become evident that Valley Public provides a secure, supportive and happy pastoral environment in which students are encouraged to develop their individual potential as confident and compassionate members of society. Through highly qualified and dedicated staff the school actively encourages students to develop a wide range of learner profiles including skills necessary to inquire, explore concepts, exercise initiative, express ideas, confidently and creatively. Students are encouraged to understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others. Following her transfer to Valley Public, my ward has improved her academic standing, sporting interest and has become a much more rounded student.

Valley Public School testimonials

Ms. Julien Hawthorne - Advisory Teacher, Hong Kong

In July 2015, I had the pleasure of visiting Valley Public Higher Secondary School. I was very impressed to discover a very professional and committed staff who without hesitation gave up their holiday time to attend the training sessions I delivered. Their openness to new ideas, their willingness to engage in pedagogical discussion and their determination to make the best use of the suggestions on offer, are testimony to the professional culture that has been developed in the school since its establishment 17 years ago by its founder and principal, Krishna Adhikari. The teachers' love and concern for their students and their sincere desire to develop their potential to the fullest were evident in the classrooms and in the opportunities provided by the school. The two school captains, with whom I had the opportunity to converse one afternoon, were excellent examples of the high academic standards, the sense of social responsibility and the well-developed interpersonal skills that Valley Public fosters in its student body. I think it is an excellent school.

Christian Gilleron - Guardian, Germany

My relation with Valley Public has heightened my sense of glory and pride. It's been many years since I chose Valley Public to educate my children. From its genuine care and guidance given to children, I have found Valley Public as another name of satisfaction. So, I say, every flower in this garden spreads beautiful fragrance and blossoms with success, good manners, politeness and sound knowledge. These qualities have impressed me and also drew me to choose this academic garden to plant my saplings!