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“Let the light of education be spread”...

Valley public Higher Secondary School, an academic institute with the motto "Let the Light of Education be Spread" was established in 1993. was founded by a team of academic experts under the supervision of highly experienced  and prominent educationist Mr. K. P.Adhikari.

 This institute  is devoted to impart quality education is of different levels or areas and also provide practical education , so that all students can get opportunities  for all round development and ser up individual  personality as a civilized citizen of the society.


Message From Chairman

I would like to welcome our new students and their parents to Valley Public Higher Secondary School, who have chosen this reputed institute as their base for Primary and Secondary level education. I can assure you all, you will not be disappointed.

Valley Public Higher Secondary School has developed in to a leading educational institute, well known for its sporting achievement as well as in the academic area. The stacks of Cups, Shields and trophies displayed at the main entrance of Administration building, achieved within Nepal and in overseas is a testimony to the all round success of Valley Public HSS. In the recent National level examination results Valley Public HSS students have achieved 100% marks on certain subjects by more than half a dozen students. This indeed is a great achievement. The credit must go to hard working, dedicated teaching and non teaching staffs, without their sacrifice the achievements wouldn’t have been possible.
Student Voice

@ Testimonials

My relation with valley Public has heightened my sense of glory and pride. It’s been long years I have chosen Valley Public for educating my children. From its genuine caring and guide to children, I’ve found Valley public as another name of satisfaction and radiant future. So, I say, every flower in this garden spreads good sense and blossom with success, good manner, politeness and sound knowledge. These qualities have impressed me and also drawn to choose this academic garden to plant my number of saplings. [She is the founder director of Christopher Education Foundation]

Our Mission

  1. To develop into a multi- dimensional institute in the educational arena of Nepal.
  2. To participate & contribute in the human resources development of nation.
  3. To explore & exploit innate talents of the children and to impart knowledge & skill necessary for their overall development.
  4. To assist and guide the children in the process of their socialization.
  5. To be engaged in the activities of the educational field as a whole (formal, informal, non-formal or academic & non-academic).
  6. To introduce the modern trend of globalization, open & free market approach in the educational field of Nepal.

Our Objectives

  1. To keep pace with the advancement in thetechnical knowledge of teaching-learningprocess and to apply the same in theregular activities.
  2. To run short-term and medium term skilldevelopment training programmes in thefields of Health, IT, Modern Language andManagement.
  3. To launch literacy as well as awarenessprogramme in the different parts of Nepal.
  4. To establish and maintain friendlyrelationship with the academic institutionswithin the nation and wider world.
  5. To support skilled human resourceformation.

Admission Procedure

  1. Admission procedure begins three weeks before the start of the academic session.
  2. New admission is opened for the classes Nursery to IX. Majority of the seats are taken up by the pupils within the school. Therefore, only limited number of seats become available for new entrants, in all classes, except for the Nursery. Seats in the Nursery class is normally available.

Academic Schedule & Program

  1. Education of pupils from Nursery to X. And 10+2 program at VPHSS.
  2. Academic sessions begin on the 1st week of Baisakh and end in the last week of Chaitra every year. There were times in the past where re-schedule of academic session has had to take place, often from the directive of Ministry of Education and from PABSON (Private and Boarding Schools Organisation Nepal) as well as periodical political activities, which has negative effect in the smooth running of schools.
  3. Conduct weekly, monthly and surprise tests regularly as well terminal examinations and determine students’ strength as well as their weaknesses. The final examination at the end of the academic year is mandatory to all pupils
  4. We also conduct extra-classes, especially for the secondary level regularly before and after school hours, as well as coaching classes during the summer & winter vacations.


The school offers scholarship to exceptional performers, hard working, outstanding academic results and to deserving students every year. The candidates are selected from amongst the pupils by the selection board. The decision of the Board is final and may not be challenged.

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