International Relations

Valley Public Higher Secondary School strongly supports the widely held view that learning through the exchange of ideas, experiences and different cultures, particularly across international boundaries, is of considerable benefit enabling students to become more understanding of international affairs, tolerant of others and socially competent.

Valley Public is committed to establishing a lasting relationship with an international academic institution for effective student exchange, collaboration of ideas or in any other way. Valley Public has accommodation facilities within its premises to enable visitors to engage directly with staff and students, undertake research or local community social activities.

For further discussion, please contact Keshavraj Adhikari (Vice Principal) directly at the school, or by email:

School International Counseling/Advisory Board (IAB)

Dr. Tirtha Khaniya - Nepal
Ms. Julien Hawthorne - Australia
Brigadier SMA Lee OBE - Scotland
Mr. Barry Pollard - United Kingdom
Mr. Mike Bamford - United Kingdom
Col HM Adams MBE - United Kingdom
Dr. Shyam Dhoj Karki - Nepal-USA
Mr. Sailendra Devkota - Nepal-USA
Ms. Rubinsten Anne-Marie - France
Mr. Andy Morrison - United Kingdom
Ms. Paulette Tsoi - France