Message from Chairman

Valley Public School Chairman, Major Lil Bahadur GURUNG, MBE

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome all our new students who have chosen Valley Public Higher Secondary School as their base for Primary and (Higher) Secondary level education. I am delighted you and your parents or guardians have selected this institute for your education.

Valley Public is a leading educational institute that is recognised for its dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff. Our teachers put your educational achievements before everything else, including their own personal welfare. Their vision and their loyalty to Valley Public are second to none.

At Valley Public Higher Secondary School you will find well-equipped and ventilated class rooms, which are built for comfort and with health and the safety at the forefront of our mind. Our facilities, including our information technology centre and library, are well-equipped and there are further expansion plans and improvements in the pipeline.

Valley Public Higher Secondary School takes pride in its academic achievements as well as in extra-curricular activities. We are making further efforts to include at least one or two additional international languages in the curriculum. Our objective is to open up the horizon of our students internationally, which will be of benefit to our students graduating and embarking on further studies overseas.

Valley Public is just the beginning of a long and fruitful academic path; we will guide you on your path of academic success, matched, only by a few institutes elsewhere in Nepal. In addition to working hard, we encourage you to enjoy our school environment and make the best use of the facilities available to you.

I wish you all every success in your academic and extra-curricular activities at Valley Public Higher Secondary School. I look forward to meeting you all during the year.

Very best wishes,

Major Lil Bahadur GURUNG, MBE
Chairman, School Management Committee